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Skyzhay 25.05.2022 09:29

Lost Ark Outlaw Island Location
It's a small PvP Island which Lost Ark Gold can be found in the Whispering Sea at the location as shown on the map above.

It is not just important for collecting an Island Token, but also necessary to complete another quest of Lost Ark.

More specifically, when completing the White Wave Island quest "Many Island, One Legend", you have to visit Outlaw Island and open a chest here.

How do you get an Outlaw Island token? Outlaw Island Token

Getting Outlaw Island Token in Lost Ark is similar to obtaining tokens on other Islands. At this Island there is a requirement to open the chests a few times to earn the island's Token.

It is a tiny Island so the chance of obtaining Island Tokens Island Token early on is rather rare.

If you find yourself best place to buy Lost Ark Gold on this island you are advised to be quick and visit this Island on your own when there are there are no other players heading toward it. This is because the island is tiny that you will be able be struck by AoE or attacks by other players.

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