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Старый 06.09.2021, 22:52
jamesthomas jamesthomas вне форума
Регистрация: 06.09.2021
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По умолчанию General requirements for writing an essay

An essay is a short essay in which you must both show your knowledge of the chosen topic and show your ability to think and be logical.

The structural requirements for your papers are as follows:

Part 1: Relevance.

Write why you chose this particular topic.

Do not write too loud and unsubstantiated statements here. Clearly state your reasons why this topic is important to you, why you think it is included in the custompapers.com reviews, and why it is relevant today.
(3-4 sentences).

Part 2 - the meaning of the statement.

Reveal the meaning of the statement you have chosen. What do you think the author put into it? Perhaps, behind the chosen aphorism, there are several meanings, problems. Identify them and choose one. The one about which you will talk further in the text.
(3-4 sentences)

Part 3 - your position on the statement.

Do you agree or disagree with it? Do you agree and can you add to it?
(1-2 sentences)

Part 4 - argumentation of your position.

Argue your position with examples from history, modern times, or your own life. The argumentation should be written in strictly theoretical language, using conceptual apparatus (terminology on the topic). Reasoning of the type: "I think Petya is bad...", "Yesterday we were talking about it with my mother and I was so interested...", are considered unacceptable and the grade for such argumentation will be significantly reduced.
(6-10 sentences).

Part 5 - conclusion.

Summarize your work. Finish it.
(2-3 sentences).


The requirements for the paper formatting are quite simple:

Usually, the size of an essay is one A4 sheet. The text is typed in Times New Roman font, size 14 with 1.5 line spacing (single-spaced). The text is aligned to the width of the page.


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Старый 27.11.2021, 16:44
sedtfgxija sedtfgxija вне форума
Регистрация: 27.11.2021
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По умолчанию

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