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По умолчанию Preparation for the lesson Al-I'tikaf, Fiqh, Second Intermediate, the first half of t

behavioral goals
Content and lesson presentation
the duty
The lesson includes the following behavioral objectives:

To know i'tikaf.
To elicit the student's judgment and time.
The student discusses why the last ten days are the best times for i’tikaaf.
The student enumerates the conditions.
Content and presentation of the lesson:

Initialization: Explain the meaning of .
the offer: :
In his life, a person needs moments in which he is alone with himself, in order to discipline her, increase her faith, and hold her accountable, and for this he legislated for the Muslim to perform I’tikaf, which helps him to obtain these meanings of faith.
Definition: I’tikaf is: staying in a mosque to worship God Almighty.

You can get the full-explained lesson including all the points in addition to the assessment and the assignment by requesting the material with all its attachments.

As for the preparation, it includes the following types of preparation:

Learning how to prepare

constructivist preparation

Glossary method preparation

Preparation in the modular manner of the King Abdullah Project

Among the general objectives of the Fiqh course for the intermediate stage are the following:

تحاضير الوحدة الأولي Welcome Back مادة قت ردي Get Ready الصف السادس الإبتدائي 1443 هـ

1. Empowering the Islamic faith in the learner, making it a control for his behavior and actions, and developing the love, piety and fear of God in his heart.
2. Providing him with the appropriate experiences and knowledge for his age, so that he is familiar with the general principles and basic principles of culture and science.
3. Excite him to knowledge, and get him used to contemplation and tracking.
4. The development of the learner's various mental abilities, and their commitment to guidance and discipline.
5. Raising him on the Islamic social life in which brotherhood and cooperation prevail, appreciating responsibility, and bearing responsibility.
6. Training him to serve his community and country, and to develop the spirit of advice and sincerity to his guardians.
7. Stimulate his determination to restore his Muslim nation to which he belongs, and to resume the path of glory and honor.
8. Accustom him to make use of his time in useful reading, invest his spare time in useful works, and spend his activities in a way that makes his Islamic personality prosper.
تحاضير الوحدة الرابعة Food, please مادة سمارت كلاس Smart Class الصف السادس الإبتدائي 1443 هـ

9. Strengthening the awareness of the learner to know - according to his age - how to face misleading rumors, destructive doctrines, and foreign principles.
10. It counters what follows this stage of life.
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