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По умолчанию Adidas Ultra Boost S&L Tan/Orange/White

Composed of knitted mesh with suede and leather overlays, the model is colored in the Adidas Shoes fighter plane’s signature colors of greys with orange accents while bearing details of the X-Wing on the heel counter and Boost midsole. Finishing details consist of special branded insoles, co-branded tongues, and the Jedi Order symbol, as well as the message of “The Force Will Be With You Always” on the hell pull tabs.

This collaborative shoe will utilize the Three Stripes' more recent S&L variation of its popular Adidas Mens Ultra Boost with a mesh-based upper that's combined with premium leather on the mudguard, lacing cage, and heel counter. Star Wars-specific details can be seen with the co-branded tongue along with a message on the heel tab reading "The Force Will Be With You Always." The white Boost-cushioned midsole has also been elevated with the printing of a graphic inspired by the film's spaceships.

Adidas, similar to their peers, has consistently taken part and the todaycapture Ultra Boost S&L is set to be one of the few to arrive come June. White Primeknit uppers outfit the majority, accenting atop the toe with overlays of a stark black; heels, then, complement by way of grey shades whose paneling is given some luxe gold detailing. Elsewhere, along the side’s cages, a rainbow-like arrangement of colors dress the Three Stripes in a mismatched arrangement that picks reds, oranges, yellows, purples, greens, and blues.

Adidas Originals‘ extensive 2020 “Pride Pack” has gained another member, as the Adidas Ultra Boost S&L Tan/Orange/White recently appeared in a colorful Pride-inspired makeup. Leaning heavily into its lifestyle inspiration, this colorful UltraBOOST salutes activist Gilbert Baker‘s signature rainbow flag by way of cleverly applied detailing.

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