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По умолчанию How to Salvage D4 Items Gear

In Diablo 4, salvaging gear and items offers an alternative to selling them for Diablo 4 gold. With an abundance of loot available from various sources like completing quests, opening chests, and defeating enemies, not all the items in Diablo 4 you find need to be salvaged, as some might be upgrades that can be equipped immediately.

To salvage D4 items, head to any city and visit the blacksmith. You have three options for salvaging: you can select items individually, salvage by rarity (Common, Magic, or Rare), or salvage all items in your inventory at once. You can also mark items as junk by pressing the space bar if playing on PC, and then choose to salvage them.

To salvage an item in Diablo 4, click on the "salvage item" button (depicted by a pickaxe icon) at the blacksmith and break down the unwanted items. However, be cautious as there is no way to retrieve an item once it has been salvaged mistakenly.

Article From: https://www.xtmmo.net/diablo-4/
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