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alinabella alinabella вне форума
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Similar to Poppy playtime, Bob the Robber requires audacity and guts in order to pull off a series of daring heists. Bob enjoys using his lock-picking and thieving skills to assist others because he was exposed to fascinating tales about the heroic Robin Hood as a child. Bob the Robber 1 is the first game in the series, and it relates the tale of the protagonist's entry into the world of theft. This adventure includes encounters with guards, security cameras, and ferocious guard dogs. Put your mask on and carefully navigate the stages. The first guideline to becoming a successful thief is to remain silent and stealthy!
Similar fun gameplay is available in Bob the Robber 1 and Poppy playtime chapter 2. The game's two most notable elements are stealth and riddles. You'll come across closed doors, buried treasure, ominous sentinels, and fierce watchdogs as you advance through the levels! Keep quiet! You can crumble at the sound of a squeak. Each level's theft must be completed without being discovered. You'll need to get past the guards and unlock the door's lock. Bob is a skilled and nimble burglar who always keeps a reliable keychain in his pocket. When the time is appropriate, insert the locking pin into the gap to disengage the mechanism and unlock the door.
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Старый 16.06.2023, 12:31
Ben77 Ben77 вне форума
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ammy78 ammy78 вне форума
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