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По умолчанию World of Warcraft 9.2 Patch Described as 'Final Chapter' of Warcraft 3 Saga

World of Warcraft 9.2 Patch Described as 'Final Chapter' of Warcraft 3 Saga

As had been teased, Blizzard announced on Thursday what World of Warcraft's next patch would be for the Shadowlands expansion. Titled Eternity's End, patch 9.2 will open up the secret realm of Zereth Mortis, where the First Ones' automatons toil in the creation of all afterlife. In Blizzard's introduction for Eternity's End, something seemingly very significant was mentioned offhandedly that World of Warcraft players both new and old will want to hear. Blizzard characterized Eternity's End as the "final chapter" of a saga going back to Warcraft 3.To get more news about buy wow items, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

This is a characterization of Shadowlands that has raised many an eyebrow within the World of Warcraft community, following Eternity's End's reveal. The preview of patch 9.2 starts with an introduction from World of Warcraft narrative lead Steve Danuser. This introduction begins by saying Shadowlands is a story that "pulls together threads that started in Warcraft 3" and were woven into many World of Warcraft expansions since. Danuser describes approaching this nearly two-decade-old story as a "drama in three acts." 9.2, Danuser says, is the third and final act of this saga. Further, Eternity's End will be "the final chapter of one book of the Warcraft saga."
Suffice to say, describing the end of the Shadowlands story as the end of a Warcraft saga going back to Warcraft 3 is dramatic in and of itself, if not controversial. World of Warcraft players argue that it's easy to see how the Wrath of the Lich King of Legion expansions could be described as the end of the Warcraft 3 saga, but don't see the same thing in Shadowlands.

Regardless, there's a gravity to what Danuser is saying that goes beyond discourse surrounding Shadowlands' quality and nature. What Danuser appears to be implying is this is an ending, the closing of a "book." Danuser doesn't say what that means for World of Warcraft, though he does hint at more stories to come, but it's possible that 9.2 could be the last patch before a larger change happens. It's much too early to guess at a reboot or sequel for the MMO, but that's a conversation the community seems ready to broach.

Of course, a simpler answer could also make sense; Danuser could simply be exaggerating. Some World of Warcraft players note that Final Fantasy 14's upcoming Endwalker expansion marks the end of its own decade-long story. Perhaps World of Warcraft hopes to steal some of Final Fantasy 14's thunder through this language.

The preview for World of Warcraft's 9.2 patch doesn't detail the content's story with enough detail to say one way or another. What was shown appears similar to any other World of Warcraft patch in form and content. Blizzard teased a new raid, a tier of gear, a zone to explore, mounts, pets, minigames, and systems of progression. If this is a crescendo for World of Warcraft's 20-year story, a "final chapter" and a transition to something new, Blizzard must be hiding it very well.
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