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Старый 24.07.2022, 13:11
thebrandshoes thebrandshoes вне форума
Регистрация: 24.07.2022
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По умолчанию Lv Fashion Sneaker "vnr" Debut - Nike Air Max 270

Luxury brand Louis Vuitton recently launched an innovative running shoe "new Vuitton runner". Ultra light design meets both sports and aesthetic standards. The soft fully knitted upper and sole are made of three wear-resistant materials and assembled by hand, following the tradition of Louis Vuitton. The manufacturing process is completed in Italy, and the details are improved with unique technology. For example, the upper of this product is seamless, and the weight is only controlled at 60g.And the highlight is that the gradual change of the appearance of the end of the sole including aerodynamic technology is hand-painted. This coating technology is mostly only used in the automotive industry. Of course, some friends said that this shoe is similar to the Nike Air Max 270. After comparing the price, I'd better buy Air Max 270! At present, this series can be purchased in Louis Vuitton physical stores and online stores.
Our brand sneakers online store:www.thebrandshoes.com
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