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Старый 20.11.2022, 14:51
Lvovich Lvovich вне форума
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По умолчанию Liberty N' Justice - Welcome To The Revolution (2004) (Lossless)

Genre: Hard Rock
Format: flac (image, cue, log)
Quality: Lossless
Tracks: 18
Total Time: 01:14:28
Total Size: 519,79 MB
Label (Catalog#): 3 Chord Records (TCR 7943)


01. Blind Man's Bluff - 03:49
02. Noise - 03:50
03. Shed My Skin - 03:43
04. Rebel Son - 04:50
05. Only Heaven Knows - 04:09
06. One Word - 04:19
07. Do You Know - 04:11
08. Change Comes Around - 04:50
09. Rise - 03:42
10. The Lord's Prayer - 04:26
11. It's About Love - 03:30
12. Bargain Bin - 04:40
13. Forever, I Love You - 04:56
14. Holy Roller - 02:49
15. DR.Love - 05:00
16. Cain 2 Abel - 03:41
17. FHL - 04:07
18. Foolish Child - 03:47


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Старый 23.11.2022, 07:32
accbuzzblogs accbuzzblogs вне форума
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Старый 14.12.2022, 11:38
messiugmr messiugmr вне форума
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