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По умолчанию The best bike helmets in 2022

The best bike helmets in 2022

Wearing of the best bike helmets is literally a matter of life and death. In 2019, sixty-two percent of bicyclists killed were not wearing helmets, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation's Fatality Analysis Reporting System. Previous studies in New York City(opens in new tab) found that almost all bicyclists who died (97%) were not wearing a helmet.To get more news about ebike helmet, you can visit magicyclebike.com official website.

But finding the best bike helmet for you can be difficult, not just for the fit, but also depending on the type of biking you plan to do. What's more, some bike helmets are downright expensive. That's why we tested a dozen of the best bike helmets on the market ranging in price from about $50 up to around $300.
So, before you get on one of the best electric bikes or best electric scooters to go to work or school — or to have fun — be sure to strap on one of the best bike helmets first.
If you hate wearing a helmet, the Giro Register MIPS may be the best bike helmet for you. It was one of lightest helmets we tested, and we found it was extremely comfortable, so much so that usually when stopping the first thing we do is remove our helmet, but the Giro Register MIPS was so light we forgot we were wearing it while shopping for groceries at a local farm stand.

In addition to its light weight, the Register has an extra strip of padding on the brow and its interior padding strips extend back toward the rear of your head more than others, accounting in part for its better feel. The only models we found to rival the Giro Register in terms of comfort were the Bell Super Air R and the Scott Vivo Plus. This helmet comes with a snap-on visor and uses the RocLoc Sport Fit system, a back-of-the-head dialing system very much like the BOA Fit used by Bontrager and others, and just as effective.
If there was one model that seemed to adapt to a variety of uses and required the least amount of fussing, it was the Bell Trace MIPS helmet. It was very comfortable in hot and in cool conditions, included a clip-on visor, and didn't cost a fortune.

We found the sizing to be accurate, and the dial-and-cable fitting system as easy to use as those found in models costing twice as much. While it might not be the most stylish helmet on the market, that may actually be one of its virtues. Because the Bell Trace design is less radical and more reserved than several other models, that makes it a good compromise if you have to satisfy a variety of tastes, say, making it the ideal helmet choice if you have to outfit an entire family with headgear.
Thousand proves it's possible to look cool wearing a helmet. (Well, at least not look completely geeky.) The company is best known for its retro-styled, enclosed skater/biker helmets that have a certain cache among riders, and the Thousand Chapter helmet is a nice addition to the line up.

The Chapter helmet uses the MiPS system to offset the rotational effects of an impact, and it has a thick foam layer, so it protects you more from the elements, like dust and dirt in urban environments. Still, it's relatively light (about the same weight as the Lumos and Scott and Bontrager helmets in this review), and it is equally at home on one of the best electric scooters or a skateboard. So if you like to switch between wheeled microtransportation devices, this could be the perfect helmet for you. Its magnetic clasp can be single-handed, and the Chapter helmet is decidedly comfortable — although a tad more padding on the forehead would be nice.
The most comfortable helmet offering the most complete protection we tested — especially for mountain bikers — was the Bell Super Air R. Among the best bike helmets we tested, it was the only model that included a chin guard to protect you in case of an off-road face plant, and it offered a more snug yet comfortable fit than any of the others we tried. The Bell Super Air R uses a dial-in Float fit system, similar to others, but it also has thicker padding inside than any other model we tested and the padding stretches farther back for a better fit.

If you think the chin guard is too aggressive and unnecessary on city streets, it can quickly be removed; two front hooks secure it with a pair of snap-down clips in back. With its open vented design, however, you can also choose to leave the chin guard in place without worrying about fogging up your glasses. For visibility, the visor also has three positions, so if you're going uphill you can push it back so it's not obstructing your view. Ultimately, if you're a serious mountain biker, the Bell Super Air R may be the best investment you can make.
Lazer has been in the bike helmet business for a century (starting with leather caps), so the Belgian company has plenty of experience in designing gear for cyclists. The company's Blade+MIPS helmet is an open, well-ventilated model that we found comfortable and easy to adjust. It uses a unique thumb screw (they call it Rollsys) on the top of the helmet that tightens or loosens the interior cage.

The Blade was surprisingly snug both front and back (some systems just feel like they are grabbing the back of your head). If you have trouble, Lazer is one of the few companies that include an extra strip of padding you can add inside. There are also options like an aero shell cover ($19.99) for a more aerodynamic shape and to help fend off the rain (or snow if you're that adventurous). One recommendation: We suggest going larger than what you're used to in terms of sizing for Lazer models.
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Precision and persistence are your allies in geometry dash . Can you beat your previous best and achieve new high scores?
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The best bike helmets in 2022 prioritize safety, comfort, and style. Top models feature advanced technology, such as MIPS and aerodynamic designs. Brands like Giro, Bell, and Specialized lead the pack with innovative designs and reliable protection. Whether you're a casual rider or a seasoned cyclist, investing in a high-quality helmet is a must for a secure and enjoyable biking experience. go now and ride safely.
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