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По умолчанию 6 Reasons Why WoW Classic Burning Crusade Is Still Fun To Play in 2021

6 Reasons Why WoW Classic Burning Crusade Is Still Fun To Play in 2021

WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade is the hottest game right now, the “Dark Portal” was opened just a month ago, on 3rd June and WoW Classic “transitioned” to WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade. All players were given the option to either remain on the original, WoW Classic Era, or to migrate to the expansion, Burning Crusade Era on the very same servers. Approximately, 99% of the high level characters have already migrated. It appears WoW TBC Classic is still benefiting for being a WoW Shadowlands / retail alternative. Here are 5 reasons why still it is fun to play Classic rather than Shadowlands:To get more news about buying wow gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

We are in this together” is still the common mentality of players in TBC as in Classic rather than Shadowlands. It’s what made WoW so popular back in the day, it’s how new friendships were merged, people grouping together in the open world to complete tough tasks and quests and sticking together for hours.

2. The “Drops” Matter

The loot drops matter for good. Every item is precious and can greatly boost your character’s ability to tank, heal or do damage. Epics are really epics and harder to attain than in retail Shadowlands, so they hold a lot of value to every player. Even the greens are seen as valuable, they can have great stats and tremendously boost you while leveling, and, since they have increased drop rate in Outlands, are the real gold mine. Potions are coveted and sought after, safe in the knowledge they can save you in the last minute.

3. Playing The Game At Slower Pace

Or suffice to say, at the correct pace. Ever since the Cataclysm, and the flying points every hundred yards, exploring the open world started to miss in the game. In Classic and TBC we have that again. Especially if you lack the high speed mount. Discovering the zones and mobs to kill in order to finish the quest. Even simple farming is enjoyable.

4. Every Character Progression Step Feels Significant

And it truly is, by every word. The level progression, 58-62, 62-65, 65-68, 68-70. Mount progression, reputation progression. Gear progression, from greens to blues and finally epics to the second spec you crave. It truly feels significant and like celebrating due to the game’s difficulty and the slower pace.

5. Danger Lurks Just About Anywhere

In Shadowlands, unless you jump into Mythic+ Dungeons, the real feel of the game is easy-peasy. Not so in TBC and Classic. A simple mob can do significant damage to your character and unless you are careful, you can find yourself running from the nearest graveyard to your character’s corpse quite often.
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