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Finding clothes that match your style and flatter your figure is a challenge for every woman. Add on the hurdle of being a woman with curves and that can make clothes shopping quite a struggle. We hear you! And we’re here to help.Get more news about cheap Plus Size Dresses for women,you can vist 5xsize.com!
There’s a key ingredient to having a closet full of plus size clothes you love to wear and that make you feel beautiful. It’s all about the silhouette. When shopping for the perfect plus size dress or plus size jumpsuit--think silhouette first! Get to know the 4 silhouettes that’ll help open up a new wardrobe of figure-flattering, chic, trendy and comfortable plus size outfits!
Not too tight, just right -- It’s important to strike the perfect balance between fitted and too tight. When styles are too tight, they pull at the seams, show our undergarment lines and look...well...too tight. Your clothes should glide over your body.
Accessory size matters -- Disproportionately small jewelry or handbags can be outshined by curves, while also making a plus size woman’s body appear larger than it is. Whether for daytime or a night out, make sure your bag is large enough to be seen behind your hand. And opt for larger statement earrings or necklaces that provide a great opportunity to show off your own personal style!
There’s no shame in shapewear -- It’s a universal closet staple. Every woman has a moment where they want something to look smoother, more supported or perhaps a bit more cinched up. Shapewear was made to help define & enhance. And what more perfect use for defining & enhancing a woman with curves?!
Choose the right neckline -- Choosing the right neckline can change your -- yup, you guessed it! -- proportion! Lower necklines are more flattering as they help to elongate the neck and draw the eye upward.
Befriend your local tailor - Sometimes you fall in love with a dress or jumpsuit but it doesn’t fit exactly the way you want it to. Instead of returning it, take it to the tailor! Find the size that fits best in most areas and then have the tailor adjust the piece so it fits you just right.
If jumpsuits haven’t become your new best friend yet, they will soon! Not only are plus size jumpsuits fashionable, but they’re versatile, fun to wear and comfy. These one-piece outfits offer a crisp look and elongate the body, creating a figure flattering, slimming silhouette.

Sara is a timeless jumpsuit that you can wear for any season. A chiffon cross-body ruffle adds dimension and movement and an extra elongating touch. At the same time, the wide leg pant has the benefit of visually elongating shorter plus size frames. And the statement, solid black color slims out any unshapely worries. It’s a plus size jumpsuit you’ll know you look good in!

The fit-and-flare dress gradually flares out from the waist to the hem of the skirt and is fitted in the bodice; a style which is especially becoming on women with curvy figures. Similar to A-line dresses, the fit-and-flare dress is designed to draw attention to the waistline, but has a fuller skirt that’s more forgiving in the hip area. This silhouette is one of the most flattering dresses for curves.

Designed to fit close to the body, sheath dresses usually sit at or just above the knees. The sheath silhouette provides a stylish, elegant option that’s appropriate for both work and social events. For our Connected Apparel plus size family looking for dresses that hide the tummy, sheath silhouettes are the perfect option.
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